How smart are you?

How smart are you?

There was a young monkey,

That lived in a tree,

The branches of which,

Reached out over the sea.

Swinging and swaying,

The monkey would play,

Hanging from the tree,

Each and every day.


But down in the water,

Lived a shark called Walter,

Who spent his days waiting,

For that monkey to falter.


"You'll never catch me,"

"You can't even climb this tree,"

Said the cocky monkey,

As smug as could be.


But one summer's eve,

As he danced around with glee

The monkey got too cocky,

And fell from the tree.


He thrashed around,

Desperately seeking solid ground,

But unfortunately for the monkey,

There was none to be found.

Meanwhile the shark,

As quick as could be,

Gobbled him up,

And went back out to sea. 

What does it all mean?

Who doesn't love a good quote?

 My personal favourite is:

"Don't judge a shark by its ability to climb trees"

The above rhyme is a re-imagining of a story I once read, the moral of which is summarized in the above quote.

The monkey was literally and figuratively looking down on the shark. It considered itself superior because it was comparing the sharks abilities with it's own.

But different doesn't mean inferior.

It just means different.

In the tree the monkey was untouchable. And if you put the shark in the tree it would flop about and promptly die.

In the water, however, it would become very clear very quickly that the shark had the advantage. Does that mean it is smarter than the monkey? Or stronger? Of course not - it’s just different.

I recently saw a comment online in which someone stated the cats are not very smart (in response to a gif of a cat doing something dumb).

This might be true if you’re comparing a cats problem solving ability to your own. However, if I dump you and a cat naked in the middle of a forest somewhere with no supplies, I reckon the cat would start to look pretty smart... You on the other hand, I am less sure.

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