Because nobody has time for pain

Because nobody has time for pain

Express Care is a 365 days a year clinic in Ireland that treats minor injuries and illnesses - though you will probably want health insurance before you even think about giving them a visit.

I recently saw an ad for them on a bus stop, the tagline of which was 'Because nobody has time for pain'.

It should probably read 'Nobody has time for pain, if they have health insurance'.

If you're in pain and without private healthcare you should prepare to spend a lot of your time in pain as you wait for support from the public health care system.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about.

The ad annoyed the shit out of me when I first saw it because of its implications.

I'm sure they are trying to sell you on the premise that you will be seen to faster in an Express Care clinic, so you won't be spending time in pain.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

This is true, you will certainly be seen faster than in an A&E (though that's not saying much).

However, I also read it as saying "You're so busy that you need to get seen quick and get back to work. Work work work."

And this got me thinking about modern society.

What does it all mean?

It often feels to me like we live in a society that is completely incompatible with a healthy lifestyle, and yet it also doesn't deal very well with illness, chronic or otherwise.

Gotta work long hours for little money just to pay for extortionate rent. Or if rent isn’t a concern, gotta spend that money on a nice car and the latest phone.

Still can't afford it? Here, have some credit, now you can also get the giant TV that's too big for your sitting room.

Success is material and social media lets you measure your 'success' against that of others.

Can't get sick. Too busy succeeding.

Prime of your life?

Fuck it, sit behind a desk and eat like shit because there's so much work to do.

May as well throw in a four hour daily commute because life isn't stressful enough as it is.

Got kids? Better stick them in a creche from 7am to 7pm, because everyone’s gotta work! Who needs parents anyway?

It's ok though - go get wasted this weekend, that's how we unwind from the stress and it's totally socially acceptable.

Because no one has time for health.

There's the tagline.

We don't have healthcare, we have sick care.

But hey, at least there private healthcare providers there to dish out the latest drugs that will help you hide the fact that you are sick from yourself.

Don't have private health insurance? They'll get to you eventually...


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