It was a cold spring night,

Under full moon's light,

When two new parents,

Beheld a most beautiful sight.

A baby girl,

With golden curls,

They named her Amy,

And she became their world.

Four years passed by,

The time seemed to fly,

As they cherished every moment,

With the apple of their eye.

Those first few years,

Were full of fear,

And every now and again,

A flood of tears.

But as time went on,

And with each new dawn,

They grew more confident,

And no longer fawned.

Then came a day,

After which nothing was the same,

For they brought home a puppy,

And sparked a tiny flame.

They named the dog 'Shell',

And it was easy to tell,

That Amy loved her puppy,

With each and every cell.

They were having a blast,

But it wouldn't last,

They didn't know it yet,

But the good times had passed...


Soon after her arrival,

They noticed something strange,

Whatever mood Shell was in,

Amy's was the same.

"How cute are they?",

Her mother would say,

"I really do hope,"

"It stays this way".

Then one day,

Amy burst into tears,

And clamped her hands,

Over her ears.

She was sitting in school,

And became overwhelmed with fear,

Though the reason why,

Was not exactly clear.

"I don't know what happened",

Said Amy's teacher with a sigh,

"She started to cry",

"And there was terror in her eyes".

Amy's poor mother,

Had seen this before,

After she scolded the dog,

For peeing on the floor.

"Bad dog! Get out!",

She’d cried,

In a moment of rage,

That would soon subside.

For at that very second,

Came from outside,

The piercing screech,

Of Amy's cries.

At the speed of light,

Her mother took flight,

And in garden found Amy,

Shivering with fright.

But Amy couldn't say,

What had gotten her that way,

She told her mother:

"All I wanted to do was play..."

"Amy's just sensitive,"

She said in a hurry,

And left the classroom,

Her head in a flurry.

She was now more sure,

Than ever before,

That to her little girl,

There was something more.


By ten years old,

Amy's spirit had grown cold,

It was a tragic sight,

For her parents to behold.

Her mood swings were wild,

And she no longer smiled,

Or held inside,

The innocence of a child.

Nights full of terror,

And days of tears,

Plagued the one they loved,

And held most dear.

"I'm not really sure",

"What this could be",

Said every doctor,

They went to see,

"We’ll try her on these",

"One twice a day",

"The come back in a week",

"What do you say?"

A box of pills,

To cure her ills,

But the drugs did nothing,

And she struggled still.

From every doctor,

It was the same report,

Until finally they decided,

To try a last resort...


"Your daughter has a gift”,

"Just like me",

Said the psychic medium,

They went to see.

"But never before",

"Have I seen one so strong",

"And in this world",

"She’ll struggle to belong."

"I feel your despair",

"As if it were my own",

"As soon as you walked in",

"My heart let out a groan".

"There are many like us",

"With powers weak and strong",

"We feel the emotions of others",

"As if they were our own."

"That is the gift,"

"Your sadness is mine",

"Between it and a curse

"Lays a thin line".

"Her power is strong",

"But there's more to see",

"She's an empath, yes",

"But she doesn't feel me".

The medium paused,

Looked in the young girl's eyes,

Said: "Oh god, no",

"She'll be terrorized!"

"I'm so sorry",

"I should have known",

"It's the emotion of animals",

"She feels as her own".

"All these years"

"Everything you've seen",

"It's the pain of animals",

"Through which she has been".

The medium tried her best,

To make them see

That of this gift,

Amy would never be free.

But they left unconvinced,

And didn’t yet see,

Just how bad the impact,

Of Amy's gift would be...


Puberty hit Amy,

Like a ten ton truck,

As her tortured emotions,

Began to run amok.

With each passing day,

Amy’s powers grew,

As her parents watched in horror,

With nothing they could do.

The fear, anxiety and pain,

Of animals far and wide,

Whose constant suffering,

She felt deep inside.

"There's so much cruelty",

"Misery and fear",

"I can feel it all",

"They scream in my ear".

She couldn't sleep,

And never thought to eat,

Her mind was on the verge,

Of absolute defeat.

Drugs, Alcohol,

Self-inflicted pain,

Were some of the things,

She used to distract her brain.

But there was no relief,

No moments of peace,

Just a flood of emotion,

That would never cease…


It was grim Spring day,

When Amy's parents found a letter,

In which their daughter told them,

"Things will never get any better!"

They called for Amy,

And searched all around,

But their poor young daughter,

Was nowhere to be found.

Agonising hours,

Came and went,

As they sat and waited,

Hearts tightly clenched.

Until finally,

Late that night,

Came a knock on the door,

And a dreadful fright.

They ran and answered,

Only to find,

Amy standing there,

With two police officers behind.

"We found you daughter",

"She's not doing very well",

"It's a good thing we got there,"

"Before she fell."

They embraced their daughter,

Looked in her eyes,

Told her they loved her,

And let out joyful cries.

"I'm so sorry",

Amy said and pulled away,

"But I need to find peace".

"And this is the only way".

It was in the moment,

Her parents realised,

Their beautiful daughter,

Would need to be institutionalised…


Aged seventeen,

Amy sits alone,

Tired, sad,

And far from home.

The doctors and nurses,

Are nice as can be,

But nothing they can do,

Will set Amy free.

It's her birthday today,

Another year gone,

Through each day of pain,

She's forced to hang on.

But something changed,

Earlier that day,

She felt it inside,

And it wouldn't go away.

Then came a voice,

From outside her room,

It called to Amy,

A nurse she presumed.

"Happy Birthday Amy",

"We've got you a surprise",

"And we're pretty sure",

"You won't believe your eyes!"

The door creaked open,

And for the first time in years,

Amy's eyes were filled,

With joyful tears.

Shell came running,

Breaking free from her lead,

Jumped into Amy's arms,

So excited she could barely breathe.

And in that moment,

All the pain disappeared,

The screams were silenced,

Amy's mind became clear.

Shell was so happy,

To see her lost friend,

Her absolute delight,

Brought Amy's pain to an end.

She wriggled in her arms,

And licked her face,

Amy never wanted,

To leave that loving embrace.

But the respite was brief,

For the visit had to end,

Shell was dragged away,

And the horror started again...



Zero Waste Wednesday #1 - What I Learned

Zero Waste Wednesday #1 - What I Learned