The significance of things

The significance of things

You're sitting in your car waiting impatiently at a red light that doesn't seem to care that you're already late.

On the radio is a particularly annoying ad in which some insurance company is going on as if they actually care about you, so you change the station.

A brief moment of silence is followed by a familiar ringing of notes on a piano.

It's a song you used to love.

A song that reminds you of a friend that is no longer with you.

As the swell of the music continues so too does the welling of emotion in your chest.

The song perfectly represents everything you once had with this friend.

You had asked that they play it at the funeral and they did...

In the next car over sits a man.

At the exact same time as you he had also switched to that radio station.

He looks around and says:

"Ugh, I fucking hate this song," and turns over to a different station. 

What does it all mean?

What do you see in the number 256?

How about 666? Or 13?

How about the letters JRE? Or KISS?

Some of the above will likely mean something to you, some of it won't.

If you are a software engineer then the number 256 will always stick out like a sore thumb. This is because 256 is 2 raised to the power of 8, which is significant in the world of computing.

666 for some is the number of the beast and 13 is unlucky for many.

JRE might mean Java Runtime Environment, for any Java programmers out there, or it could mean Joe Rogan Experience for fans of the popular podcast.

You might see KISS and think 'Keep It Simple Stupid', which is a common mantra in many industries, or maybe the glam metal band KISS. Or maybe you just think about the act of two people touching their lips off each other.

The point is this:

Nothing has significance other than the significance we attach to it.

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