5 Reasons you should work out

5 Reasons you should work out

1. There is literally no situation where being stronger is not better

Having huge muscles doesn't necessarily make life easier. In fact having oversized bodybuilder muscles actually makes it so tying your shoelaces becomes a challenge.

But being stronger definitely makes your life easier.

Everything from standing up out of your chair to helping a friend move house will benefit hugely from a proper strength and mobility based workout routine.

I've spent ages trying to come up with an example of where being stronger puts you at a disadvantage and I've yet to find anything.

Maybe if there were a competition to find the weakest person... That's about it and it's a pretty shitty competition.

2. You lose muscle density as you age

As we age our muscle masses decreases naturally. This means that as you age you will naturally lose physical independence.

Things like standing up out of a chair, carrying groceries or walking up stairs become a challenge.

However it is possible to counteract this process by combining some sort of resistance training with some sort of mobility routine (yoga for example).

It's also important to protect your joints when you workout, because once you damage them you may never fully recover, even with surgery.

So make sure you lift heavy things from time to time but throw out the ego and don't lift too heavy, especially if you haven't got a trainer of some sort to critique your form.

3. Mental health

It has been well established that one of the most effective treatments for depression is exercise.

Every exercise session comes with a free dose of endorphins and will improve your confidence if you stick with it.

But remember:

"Fitness is not bought, it's rented and rent is due every day"

Alan Roberts

Fitness and the benefits it brings is an every day thing not an every now and again thing. Much like diet, the benefits only come with time and consistency.

Having a routine, something that you know you have to do every day, helps a lot when you are struggling. Sticking to that routine will prove to yourself that you can learn, grow and get better.

4. Counter act the impact of modern life (ie. sitting all day)

If you sit at a desk or behind the wheel of a vehicle all day then your are wreaking havoc on your body.

Your glute muscles (ass muscles) weaken as your hamstrings (back of your legs) tighten. Your back muscles get weak and stretchy and your chest muscles tighten up.

Combine all this and you end up with a bad lower back, tight neck and a posture comparable to that of Mr. Burns.

As little as thirty minutes a day is enough to help fight against our destructive day to day lives, and now that Game of Thrones has finally finished, why not invest that hour in yourself?

5. It will positively  affect the rest of your life

Maintaining an exercise routine can be tough but I would recommend doing something physical every day, even if it’s just 15 minutes.

Not necessarily an intense workout either, but at least a walk or do some yoga.

Also, keep up the routine even when you are on holiday. Maybe your hotel has a gym or you can find a decent hotel room body weight workout.

Once you do this you have shown yourself that you CAN do it. Apply the same consistency to anything else and you will see similar results.

What does it all mean?

For me the most important thing about this list is actually what is not on it.

Notice that I don't have 'to lose weight' as a reason, despite being one of the most common reasons people cite for wanting to work out.

The reason I didn't put it on the list is because it is a terrible reason to work out.

Working out is a really ineffective way to lose weight - you gotta sort out your diet for that. If you workout hard for an hour you might burn 1,000 calories.

That's five beers, or four glazed donuts, or four Mochas from Starbucks, or a big mac and fries.

It takes an hour of serious hard work to burn 1,000 calories... Think about how easy it is to drink five beers or eat a large burger with fries.

People often say you can't outwork a bad diet and it's mostly true.

Strictly speaking all you actually need to do is consume fewer calories than you use, but this is a lot harder to achieve if you are eating like shit.

Anyway, the point of all this is:

Do some sort of strength training and some sort of mobility training.

Don't do it to look good, don't do it to lose weight and don't do it to impress someone else.

Do it because you will feel better, age better and perform better in all things.

The significance of things

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