Small positives

Small positives

I visited Chicago recently and saw something in the airport that I thought was worth writing about.

We were in a typically long security line when a girl from the behind asked if she could skip ahead of us because her flight was about to start boarding.

We of course let her by and watched as she gingerly asked the next people in front of her for the same favor.

As far as I could see everyone she asked let her skip ahead. She passed a lone mother with two kids, an older man, a younger man, a younger woman. A long line full of people of different age, race and sex, and none of them had a problem with letting her skip ahead.

What's more is the fact that she looked to be of Arab descent. In Trump's America it's easy to assume that people would be far less accommodating to her as a result.

But no.

It was a simply a long line of people being nice.

What does it all mean?

I can't help but feel like most people are generally nice.

That everyone is just trying to get through the day without doing anything to harm the people they care about.

It's in groups (or tribes) that the problems seem to start.

People get together, reinforce their shared belief system and start to turn against the 'others'.

But in most one on one interactions I'd wager that most people are perfectly nice and happy to help.

This is something that is hard to believe, especially in recent times, because most of the news we see is of people being awful.

The shit that gets clicks.

Feel good gets some clicks, but not as many and someone being shitty or offensive.

I think as social animals the expectation is that we live by the social code so we don't acknowledge the good stuff as much, but as soon as someone does something shitty the alarm bells start to ring in our monkey brains.

The reason I thought this worth writing about is that I find myself constantly fixating in the negatives.

How we're decimating the environment, how badly we treat animals, how we're constantly killing each other, lying, stealing etc...

I think it's worth making the effort to focus a little more on the small positives, like this lady at the airport. That was a nice thing to see and deserves a little attention.

(Also worth mentioning that there is evidence to suggest that focusing on the little positives in your life will lead to a better life, it’s just hard as shit to do most of the time…)

What do you do?

What do you do?

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