I don't know

I don't know

What's the best system of government for modern civilisation?

Good question…

How many genders are there?

2? Maybe?

Should all drugs be decriminalized?

Hard to say...

Are people poor because they're lazy or is the system just rigged against them?

Can it be both?

Is eating dairy bad for you?

Depends who you ask.

Is there a god?

Define god...

What does it all mean?

So many questions.

Every one of them full nuance and hidden complexities that are hard to comprehend even if you spend years studying them.

You may have answers for some of the above questions but you don't really know do you? None of us do.

I feel like "I don't know" should always be the default answer, or at least "I don't know for sure".

If anyone answers any question with anything else you should probably be suspicious (unless of course the question is something absolute like 'what time is it' and even then, time is an abstract concept, all you can say for sure is what your watch says).

This logic needs to applied 10x to anything any leader or politician says.

Anyone who says they have the solution to the problems of an entire country, or any group of people, is full of shit.

The hard questions, anything to do with a system of things, nobody really has a fucking clue about any of it.

There is simply too much complexity in everything.

We've got studies, we've got evidence and we've got anecdotes.

None of these things are answers, they are a suggestions.

Based on X, Y might be true.

X suggests that Y might be the case.

That's about as certain as we can get about most things.

I think a healthy goal is to learn enough to understand just how little you actually know and then continue learning.

Oh and don't trust anyone who is absolute in their answers to tough questions.

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