The Convenience Pill

The Convenience Pill

What if told you that scientists have just managed to manufacture a pill that makes everything you do more convenient.

You take this pill and you no longer get stuck in traffic or have to queue for anything.

Stressful days in work would become a thing of the past and you can eat what ever you want without having to worry about weight gain or poor health.

Your favorite stores would open up near your house and every delivery would be next day.

However, there is a catch...

Taking this pill would mean that your grandkids will get cancer, most likely before the age of twenty. This applies if you don’t even have kids yet, it’s a guaranteed future outcome.

Would you take that pill?

Would you trade a life of convenience for your grandchildren's health?

You can probably tell where I'm going with this...

What does it all mean?

Of course the answer to the question posed above is no. You obviously wouldn't want to do anything that guarantees your grandchildren get cancer. Even if you’re not planning on having kids, or if your kids aren’t planning on having kids. Plans change.

However, as a generation of humans this is exactly what we are doing.

In the modern western world we willfully turn a collective blind eye to the underlying systems that prop up our lives of convenience. We have it pretty good and we don't want to do anything that might upset the apple cart and make things any more difficult for ourselves.

Through inaction around climate change on both a political and personal level we are all ensuring that our descendants will experience significantly more pain and suffering than we do today.

But it's a lot more convenient for us to do nothing.

Or to blame others.

As humans we are just bad at thinking about the future, but it's always worth remembering that convenience comes at a cost.

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