Save the Humans

Save the Humans

In the summer of 2017 I had some work done in my garden.

Part of that work included laying down a limestone patio. It involved large heavy slabs of limestone and a screeded bed of sand (screed is 'a floor or layer of concrete'... I had to Google that one).

Between the tiles is a grout filling. Grout itself also being a mixture of cement and sand.

It looks great, I was really impressed with the job the landscaper and his team did.

Fast forward one year and my patio looks a bit different to when it was first laid down.

Because weeds...

When I was a kid the word 'weed' was a derogatory term aimed at people who were physically weak. No one wanted to be called a weed (none of the boys anyway, girls probably didn't care). As a relatively new home owner I can now appreciate how silly that was. Weeds are not weak, they are annoyingly resilient and strong enough to penetrate a stone patio.

Between the slabs of limestone several weeds have managed to power their way through the grout. Around the edges of the patio, where it meets the grass, more have emerged from underneath the stone.

There is no getting away from them. And that is why I hate it when people talk about 'Saving the planet'.

To quote George Carlin:

"The planet is fine; the people are fucked"

What does it all mean

I don't think there is anything we could do to the planet that would forever rid it of life. Human life, sure. But weeds, insects, extremophiles etc... No chance.

At some point people decided to rally behind the phrase 'Save our planet', but I think that is far too difficult for our monkey brains to comprehend.

Thinking about the planet makes us feel small, makes us think 'Sure I'm just one person, what can I do?'

I think people should instead say 'Save the Humans'. This phrase makes me think “Shit, I'm one of them!” rather than “I'm just one person”.

We should also be hammering home that the stuff we do now doesn't affect us nearly as bad as it affects our kids, and their kids.

I can't imagine anyone wants their great grand children living in a desolate wasteland, ravaged by war, drought and famine. But our actions tell a different story. Our actions show that we either don't care about them (I don't believe this to be true) or that we really haven't managed to develop a sense of foresight, despite our advances in just about everything else.

Don't cut down on plastic for you. Don't reduce your carbon footprint for you. It won't make much difference to you - do it for that baby that might be born in 100 years.

In 2119 I'm pretty sure there will still be weeds in my garden, the question is whether there will be any people there to get annoyed at them.

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