Something is not right

Something is not right

It's a Tuesday morning and I find myself at a loss.

Something is missing.

Something doesn't feel right...

After one year of releasing a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday, today is the first day without one...


Ok this really is the last one for a while.

What does it all mean?

Having decided to take a break from posting here for a while something just doesn't feel right.

I had a solid routine in place.

Sure it was work. It was something I wasn't always in the mood to do.

But I did it.

Every single Tuesday and Thursday for a year without missing one.

And you know what? It wasn’t that hard.

When you get yourself into a routine, the work becomes easy.

Your mind adapts.

Whatever you are working on becomes part of you.

It becomes weird to not do it.

I apply this to my own life in two important ways:

  • Prep food for the week every Sunday

  • Exercise/move every day

Yes these things are work. No I don't always want to do them - but they are good to do and have become so routine for me that it would feel weird to not do them.

Such is the power of routine.

One year, two posts a week

One year, two posts a week