The Shit that Stings

As I've grown older one thing that I didn't anticipate is the amount of time that I'd spend thinking about shit. Literal shit. About that thing we all do, most of us on a daily basis, but rarely talk about. We joke about it. We'll tell our doctors about it, but we rarely have a plain old conversation about it. 

Yes the title of this blog post was literal. But don't worry, this isn't going to be a detailed account of defecation, I've got a point wrapped up in here somewhere...

As you age, bowl movements become much more than just a daily duty. They are an indicator of health, of how well you have been treating your body. After all, your body is just a biological system. It produces waste during normal operation, and like all waste management systems you want it to be functioning optimally.

Unfortunately for many it may be a punishing experience. It's you versus you body as you huff and puff, battling your way through, red faced and blue veined. Or maybe it comes as a relief, rescuing you from abdominal cramps but leaving you with an unpleasant clean up operation on your hands.

I want you to cast your mind back in time. Back to an unpleasant trip to the toilet. Maybe it was food poisoning, a bad burrito or a weekend long bender full of alcohol and spicy food. Whatever the root cause, I bet you found something lurking in your memory. A time when you were sat there on that cold and unforgiving plastic seat just wishing it was all over.

The ordeal doesn't always end with the toilet either.  You sweat a little as you walk away, uncomfortably aware of your anus. That slight stinging sensation may even linger for an hour or two.  You feel dirty and exhausted as you wander away, slightly dazed and seeking comfort.

Now I want you think of the opposite. A good one where you left the toilet thinking 'if only every shit could be like that one the world would be a better place.'

That's a little more difficult isn't it? It's tough to remember the really good ones because we don't care about them. It's the ones that sting. The ones we struggle through. The ones that leave a mess. They are the ones we remember. As humans we tend to dwell on negative things. We get sucked in. Obsessed. And with good reason. It's how we learn.

I can't help but feel that this is something that has been working against us lately. We are constantly exposed to news and goings on from around the world, almost always negative. Negativity sells because we focus on the shit that stings. Our brains are just wired that way. You don't need to worry about the good because the good won't hurt you. It's the bad you need to care about, keep an eye on that shit because that's the shit that will get you. That will make you suffer.

So I want you to try this. The next time you have a good shit take a moment to appreciate it. Your diet was on point and your body was functioning well. Learn your lesson from the bad ones but take the time to appreciate the good ones.