I'd welcome you but…

You're already here, stuck in the muddle with me. Google the word muddle (which quickly loses all meaning if you say it enough) and you get this definition:

'an untidy and disorganized state or collection. '

The world we live in is a complicated mess and we're all in here together trying our best to get by. How do we make sense of the intense sensory overload that is our day to day lives? That's what I hope to find out. Not that I expect to be able to solve any real problems, but I'd still like to document the learning experience.

About Me

I have spent over ten years working as a software engineer with experience in large multi-nationals, small startups and gaming.

These days my interests lay more with learning about people, leadership, health, nutrition, fitness and sustainability.

And finally: All views are my own, and not of my company.