All in Humanity

Who cares about dead junkies?

The men are often dressed in tracksuits, the women covered in cheap gold coloured  jewellery. They are generally loud and obnoxious, shouting at each other despite being close enough to have a normal conversation.

Judge Mental

"Look at the head on that guy! Look at him! You’d never even think about stepping out of the house looking like that would you?”

System Idle Process

Stop thinking.

Just sit still, close your eyes and stop thinking.

It's hard isn't it? Your brain wants to think and you don't really get a say in the matter...

Genre Identity

Identity is a funny thing. We’ve all got one and it’s usually multi-faceted. Your identity is often made up of some combination of your gender, nationality, religion, political beliefs and social status. It’s also something that we often take way too seriously…